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Death Knights

Thanks for visiting our guild site thereby showing interest in our guild.

Who are we?

We are Eyes of Death, a social guild created 13-2-2012 we hit lvl 25 1-9-2012  
This guild is designed to strengthen solidarity with all those who like to play wow for those who find a good friendships intra true.

What we do?

we are good at supporting each other and doing more of the ôld raids and dungons.Every Saturday there will be a chance to wìn the Eyes of Death Lottery, play for free. the only thing is that you must be ônline at 21.00 servertime if you want to play. so wil you be exposed to a secret mission. after lotto draws out into the world and doing something togêther

what are the future plans?

our future plans is to stand amplifier that could make some new raids and get rate battelground up and running

how do the guild works?

The guild works on this way that many things are handed out on the mêmbers, such as there are some which stand for guild bank, some accounting for rate battel ground some stands for raids to optimize guild.We have 10 different ranks Ortner, which runs automatically after the Guild Activity. You stârt as a Spy and can chât with the others, and as tìme passes and you get more Guild Activity points can you do more, you can look in more tabs in the guild bank, etc.

Other thing i must know?

Guild rules, forum, gallery and much more will appear on this website and requires membership to the guild and guildsite

I can join Eyes of Death?

Of coursê you can join the Eyes of Death. Since we are a vêry friendly guild, all guildies can invite, best way to join uns, is use "/Who Eyes of Death" then wisper one of the member for a membership.

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